Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka is a 4x Black Belt World Champion, and is the youngest black belt to ever win her weight and absolute at Worlds, at the age of 19. She is an outspoken proponent for the inclusivity and rights of women in athletics, especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Dominyka founded the #equalpayforbjj movement in response to popular BJJ tournaments' great pay disparity between female and male competitors. She continues to fight for the female voice in jiu jitsu by creating opportunities to unite women in an overarchingly male-dominated space. 

Today Dominyka works as an instructor and coach at Team Fabio Clemente in the city of New York. She is also a full-time student, studying Sociology and Visual Arts at Columbia University. 

Callie Brennan

Callie is a Southern ex-pat who found jiu jitsu her senior year of college at NYU. While finishing her degree in "The Art of Healing" she became obsessed with jiu jitsu as an avenue to optimal holistic health. 

She views BJJ through a therapeutic lens and marries physical and mental wellness with her health-oriented private meal prep business. 

Callie thinks of her jiu jitsu practice as an opportunity to relieve psychosocial stress through real-time physical problem solving in an increasingly non-physical culture. She believes in placing an emphasis on the partnership aspect of training to better engage with the endless dialogue jiu jitsu can prompt. 


Our Mission

Rag Doll Camps is a training and wellness camp organization created by Dominyka Obelenyte, Vedha Toscano and Callie Brennan. The team was disillusioned by the lack of unity in the martial arts scene of the east coast, and wanted to create an accessible and neutral space for women to come together to learn, train and grow with each other. 

We hope to reach women from across all realms and backgrounds to provide them with a camp experience focused on empowerment and health through grappling. Martial Arts can be an intimidating environment for many women, our goal is to provide those interested with a comfortable training space where they are free to learn and grow as athletes, competitors, and true femme fatales.