A list of all the wonderful instructors and hosts that have collaborated with us, and contributed to the building of the Rag Doll Community as a whole.


Vedha Toscano

Vedha Toscano was born and raised in NYC and began training at a young age but did not enjoy it. Her father, Fabio Clemente never forced her to train, and she explored other interests while slowly becoming more curious in the art. She has been training consistently since fifteen and has been helping her father develop their school: Team Fabio Clemente. Vedha is a graduate of Hunter College, and is currently a brown belt holding multiple first place titles in IBJJF opens. Vedha co-hosted the original Rag Dolls Weekender in NYC!


Niomi Rupram

Naomi Rupram was raised in the Bronx, NY and has her BA from Fairfield University. After graduation, she found a passion for travel. She spent five years abroad, and it was in Vienna, Austria that the practice of yoga found her. She later went on to complete her yoga instruction training in India. Back in 2012, Niomi received a private lesson in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a friend in the sport. She did not train again until 2016, when she partnered with a black belt to open up a joint yoga studio-BJJ gym in the North Bronx. Niomi has been training regularly since then, and instructed the yoga portion of the original Rag Dolls Weekender in NYC!


Alex Brynn Coleman

Alex Brynn Coleman is a Marylander that found Jiu Jitsu shortly after college when she took her first position as a Therapeutic Recreator at a psychiatric hospital. Her initial game plan was to learn self-defense in case she found herself in a dangerous situation with her patients. However, once she began training, she fell in love with the sport and all of its challenges and benefits. Currently, Brynn is an avid competitor medaling in various IBJJF tournaments. She spends her days working with psychiatric patients and helps them to pursue their own hobbies and find resources within their communities.  If she ever finds free time in her packed schedule, Brynn loves exploring the outdoors, going snowboarding and finding things to balance on! Brynn co-hosted at the Rag Dolls Autumn Oasis camp!